10/9/2014 – Egyptian Room – Indianapolis, IN

By on October 9, 2014

Egyptian Room
Indianapolis, IN

Set 1: Breathe In (First Half), Walk To The Light, GLOgli, Bigs >1..2..3, Kamuy, Love Don’t Terrorize#, Lo Swaga, Inspire Strikes Back

Set 2: Call Jam% > Tap In, MOD, King Pharaoh’s Tomb, Scheme > Simulator > Grow, Totem, Awesome (STS9 Cool Kids Remix) > Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature

Encore: 986 Ft. Tall Trees* > Breathe In (Second Half)

# first time played
% not played since 2006
* Alan on upright bass

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  • Tony Morrall

    ‘Love Don’t Terrorize’ was played first at Red Rocks, but was then referred to as ‘Untitled’