David Murphy’s #STS9UM Twitter Q&A Highlights

By on August 2, 2013

Umphrey’s McGee’s Joel Cummins and STS9′s David Murphy took to Twitter this past Wednesday to field questions in an effort to promote their upcoming co-headlining tour.

Using the hashtag #STS9UM, fans rapid fired messages at the band members while they did their best to keep up with the fast paced conversation.

By our count there were somewhere around 500 tweets sent back and forth between the two fanbases with a majority of people using the time to put in song requests or invite the band’s to party with them while in town.

See the below sampling of some of our favorite #STS9UM tweets related to the STS9 side of things.

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  • Dillon Jacobs

    What about the new album?

    • Murph

      that’s a great idea!!

  • UmphreakMoeRonPhisher

    whos opens for who in chicago? sts9 opening for umph or vice versa?